We work with companies and payroll managers to reduce compliance risk and manage time through all-inclusive payroll solutions. Specialties include payroll services, workforce benefit solutions, insurance services, payroll timekeeping, human resources, and third-party administration

The Services are continuously updated by our payroll specialists to ensure compliance with state, federal, local tax rates, tax brackets, and statutory limits. We provide our clients with options of several payment methods and Salary can be processed fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Various deductions like Federal Income Tax, FICA Taxes, State Taxes, State Unemployment and Disability, City, Local and / or County Taxes are handled by our team of experts. We also provide our clients with an option for direct deposit. Paystubs can also be physically mailed or emailed to the client / employees.

We also file payroll tax returns on behalf of our client to various federal and state agencies including department of labor. We also take care of issuing year end W2 / 1099 statements and filing a copy to Social Security Administration and IRS on behalf of our clients.

Our Payroll Services can be customized as per the client depending on the services selected.